Comprehensive IT Management

Totally Networked Support provides small, medium, and start-up businesses with a comprehensive, fully managed and scalable IT department for a fixed fee. This service includes:

  • Comprehensive IT management
  • Strategic planning
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Best practice implementation
  • IT procurement services
  • Day to day helpdesk support
  • Server systems and network engineering
  • 24×7 business critical services monitoring and trouble resolution

We tailor our solutions to your business and budget without sacrificing industry best practices. You can concentrate on growing your core business without worrying about the hassles and costs of building an IT department. When you are ready to bring IT in-house, you will have a robust and stable IT infrastructure to build on.


Strategic Planning

Totally Networked takes a holistic approach to IT services. We work with you to evaluate your IT needs now and in the future to develop a comprehensive IT strategy. The steps in this process are as follows:

  1. Review and Define Strategic Corporate Goals
    Meet with the key executive leadership to specify a list of the major business goals and objectives over the next one to three years. These goals should include any new product introductions, geographic expansions, new facilities, customer service initiatives, headcount increases, modified revenue targets, etc.
  2. Review and Analyze Current Technology Infrastructure
    Summarize the current state of the network (including security), wireless, servers, PCs, software, and other IT-related components. Outline the current strengths and weaknesses. Review any recently announced product upgrades. Document any standardization within the IT infrastructure.

  3. Determine Tactical Technology Goals
    Create a list of technology goals for the next one to three years which support the needs of the current business processes, as well as the infrastructure requirements for current and new business initiatives. These tactical plans might include LAN/WAN expansions or conversions, internet/intranet implementations, server deployments, major software upgrades, etc.
  4. Create a List of Proposed Projects
    Based on the findings for the previous three sections, a list of major technology and application projects is developed. These are then broken into tactical projects with defined time requirements. Each project is clearly linked to the business and technology goals it is intended to support. In addition, any other required projects are defined that are necessary for the continued maintenance and evolution of the existing technology infrastructure of the business.

  5. Define the Implementation Timeline
    The proposed projects should be put into a realistic time schedule for implementing each of the defined projects. This proposed project schedule and associated costs are used for capital and expense budgeting during the upcoming fiscal time periods.

Collecting this information and then performing the required strategic brainstorming will involve your top executives, business area managers, and internal technology experts. As your trusted advisors, we work with you to evaluate your business and technology needs and provide any of the following services as required: architect solutions, procure equipment, manage projects, implement solutions, and on-going services to achieve your business goals and IT objectives.


Procative Maintenance

Totally Networked believes that constant and vigilant review of IT systems minimizes downtime and keeps your business running smoothly. Unplanned downtime costs money and is unacceptable. We never wait for a problem to surface before we act. By regularly checking on all IT systems to verify optimal efficiency and operation, we act as a steel trap for any potential issues before they can become problems. Our philosophy says that solutions aren’t solutions if they only work just some of the time, so we make proactive maintenance an integral portion of your overall IT strategy.

Proactive maintenance is, on one hand, keeping IT systems up-to-date to avoid operational problems and, on the other, providing incremental improvements. While the possibility of incidental system downtime can never be completely eradicated, proactively maintained systems, in such a scenario, are more likely to have a fix available due to the contingency measures that are taken beforehand. Proactively maintained IT systems are less likely to need major overhaul since they are under regularly scheduled review.

Because Totally Networked works with you to develop a strategic plan and designs our solutions to be expansive rather than limiting, we can keep all of your IT systems running with minimal downtime through Proactive Maintenance.


Best Practice Implementation

Totally Networked is deeply involved in the IT industry; through our work with leading partners like Microsoft and Cisco, we understand the strategies, activities, and approaches that have been shown to be effective through research and case-study evaluation. We attend seminars and conferences to learn best practices from our peers, partners and the IT industry at large. We are also able to leverage the experience of designing and implementing long-term, comprehensive IT solutions for over 500 customers.

Our experience and breadth of knowledge means that we can help you implement solutions that follow the latest best practices developed by the IT industry. We use our knowledge to develop a best practice solution that fits within your budget and is best suited to your business needs.


IT Procurement Services

Totally Networked has developed strong relationships with IT hardware and software providers. We will help you select best of breed products and technologies that fit within your budget and accommodate your growth plans. Totally Networked will supply these products and at your option integrate them with your existing IT infrastructure.

And, of course, we service and support everything we sell:

  • Servers
  • Desktops and laptops
  • Network infrastructure (e.g. switches and routers)
  • Security devices (e.g. firewalls and VPN)
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • IT supplies

Our procurement services can be done separately or as part of our Comprehensive IT Management and Support program for start-up, small, and medium businesses – the cost effective way to create and build your IT department.

Check out our pricing for your next IT-related purchase.


Day-to-Day Helpdesk Support

Totally Networked can be your IT helpdesk or serve as an adjunct to your in-house support. Our team understands that every minute of downtime impacts business productivity. Each step in our helpdesk process is designed to get your user and IT issues addressed quickly. We are available 24×7 365 days a year to support your employees and internal IT resources wherever they are.

The Totally Networked helpdesk is staffed by IT consultants with a wide range of expertise who can solve issues efficiently. Our proactive maintenance helps prevent issues from occurring. We use the latest in remote technologies so we can support your users at their desks and can supply a helpdesk ticketing system so that users can track the status of their issues.

The Totally Networked helpdesk is a cost effective alternative to hiring in-house experts on all of the IT technologies you employ to keep your business running smoothly.


Server Systems and Network Engineering

Totally Networked works with you to develop a comprehensive plan for procurement and maintenance of your critical business servers such as e-mail, e-mail archive, file, backup, and manufacturing systems. We work with you to specify server and software requirements that will accommodate your current needs and leave room for growth.

Based on your strategic plan, we develop a plan for your corporate network including core switches and firewalls to keep your data safe. A corporate network may also include VPN devices, telephony equipment, security systems, and wireless. Totally Networked sells and supports a wide range of cost effective corporate network products.

Totally Networked supports your servers and corporate network proactively and monitors critical functions in real time to reduce downtime and maximize business productivity.


24/7 Business Critical Services Monitoring and Trouble Resolution

Totally Networked believes in real-time monitoring of critical business services. We don’t just install IT systems and wait for you to call when something is amiss. Instead, we engage in proactive maintenance to keep all your systems up to date and actively monitor critical IT functions. Based on our IT consulting staff’s experience with IT technologies and business situations along with our proactive maintenance, we can resolve issues with a minimum of downtime and lost productivity.

Totally Networked can be aware of critical IT systems problems instantly and take steps to solve them before they can become serious business disruptions – sometimes without you even knowing there is a problem.